Instagram Live: How to Broadcast From Your Desktop with

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Are you using Instagram Live to engage and grow your audience?

Do you repurpose your live video on other channels?

What if I told you that you can live stream to Instagram from your desktop and simulcast to YouTube at the same time?

Well now you can… pull up a chair because in this article, I’m going to show you how to broadcast live on Instagram from your desktop.

Instagram Live: How to Broadcast from Your Desktop

STEP 1. Go to and sign-in with your Google Account.

Loolatv Stephanie Liu.png

Once you’ve signed in, you will be prompted to give access to your YouTube account. I was a little iffy on doing this because the link to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service were blank. If that makes you feel uneasy, you can stop right here because declining to give them access won’t let you get past the first screen. Since the site is still in beta, I decided to go ahead and move forward.

STEP 2. Configure your social media accounts.

Loolatv Stephanie Liu Configure.png

To configure your account, click on the gear icon on the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to connect up to six different live-streaming platforms.

Since I only have an account with Instagram and YouTube, I connected both of those accounts.

NOTE: It took me five tries to get Instagram to connect properly. If you get an error message keep trying. Also note that if you’re trying to livestream to YouTube, make sure that you’ve enabled YouTube livestreaming.

STEP 3. Connect your camera.

Loolatv Configure Camera Stephanie Liu.png

After you’ve added your live streaming accounts, click on “Studio” to go back to the main user interface.

In the center of the screen, you’ll see a big black box with a gear icon on the bottom right-hand corner. Click on the gear icon to connect your webcam.

NOTE: I usually live stream with a DSLR and was able to select my Lumix GH5. Check out How To Use a DSLR As A Webcam.

Also, at the time of writing this post, the following features are COMING SOON:

Loolatv Features.png

STEP 4. Connect your mic.

Under the same gear icon, you can choose which mic you want to use for your livestream. I was able to connect my Blue Yeti microphone easily.

STEP 5. Select which channels you want to live stream to.

Loolatv Stream To Stephanie Liu.png

On the upper left hand side, click on the channels you want to livestream to.

STEP 6. Click the ‘Go Live’ on the upper right-hand corner of the interface.

Loolatv Go Live Stephanie Liu.png

STEP 7. Comments from viewers will appear under the Live Chat column on the right.

Loolatv Comments Stephanie Liu.png

In the picture above, I only went live on Instagram so you only see comments from that platform. However, if you go live on multiple channels, comments from all of those platforms will appear under the Live Chat window.

That means you don’t need to have multiple browser tabs open to monitor comments!

To view your live stream on Instagram while using Loola, you will have to login to Instagram from a different account.

Once logged in under a different account in the Instagram mobile app, you could view your real account just like your followers do.

I made the mistake of trying to view my Instagram Live from MY account and didn’t realize I was live streaming until a viewer commented that I was live. Oops!

STEP 8. Check out your Most Engaged Viewers

Loolatv Most Engaged Viewers.png

During your live stream, you can see who your Most Engaged viewers are on the left hand side of the Loola interface.

STEP 9. Click ‘End’ to close out your livestream.

Loolatv How to End Broadcast.png

Ending your live stream is as simple as clicking the ‘End’ button on the upper right-hand side of the interface.

Congrats, you just launched your first live stream!

What happens next?

Loolatv Broadcast Summary.png

After your broadcast, Loola, will show you a Broadcast Summary of:

  • Total Broadcast Time

  • Total Views

  • New Followers

  • Total Likes

Unfortunately, the option to Download Video and view Detailed Statistics are not available ‘yet.’

Instagram Live: How to Broadcast from Your Desktop!
— Stephanie Liu

Will you start using Loola for your Instagram Live?

Tell me in the comments below.

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