How to Increase Facebook Live Engagement

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How can you capture the attention of your audience?

Try jumping in front of a camera and sharing your expertise via live video.

Every view, every comment, and every share is a step closer to attracting your ideal client.

Now before you go and hit that "Go Live" button, here are a few tips and tricks on how you can increase your Facebook Live Engagement.



Give your viewers a heads up when you're about to go live. You can create a Facebook event, story, post and even cross-promote on your other social media channels. You might also want to send an email to your subscribers so they can plan ahead.

Click image to watch the replay on Facebook.

Click image to watch the replay on Facebook.

2. plan out your broadcast

You don't need to storyboard every camera angle but planning out your broadcast before you go live is essential. Plan out your main call to action - this could be a link that you want to promote or something you want the viewer to do.

3. test your internet connection

Nothing kills Facebook live engagement like a crappy internet connection. If you're going live on your smartphone, try to get as close to the router as possible and have all your other devices removed from the wifi. If you're broadcasting from your desktop, then aim to have an internet upload speed of at least 5mpbs. You can test your internet upload speed by going to

93 mbps—can I get an amen?!

93 mbps—can I get an amen?!

4. minimize distractions

Find a comfortable spot where you won't be distracted then test our broadcast for lighting and sound.

5. clear the clutter

Keep all eyes on you and not whatever you have in the background. Try to clear the area behind so you viewers can focus on you.

6. plan on live streaming for more than 20 minutes

Facebook recommends a minimum of 20 minutes. The longer your broadcast, the more likely people will see your video in their news feed. Use a tripod so you can be hands-free.

7. immediately start talking

Don't wait for folks to show up. As soon as you start live streaming, introduce yourself and explain what you'll be talking about for the next 10 - 15 minutes or however long you plan on going live.


Ask questions like, "Where are you watching from?" That will get viewers commenting quickly.  Give your viewers a shout out and welcome them to the show.


Get your viewers to spread the word about our broadcast. Ask them to tag a friend who would also be interested in watching or have them share the broadcast to their personal profile. 


Let viewers know that if they share your broadcast, one person will have a shoutout on your next broadcast as the "Share Sponsor." It's free publicity on your show!

Check out how my good friend Owen Video does it on his show, The Business of Video podcast.

Want more tips on how to increase engagement on your Facebook Live broadcast?