How to Easily Grow Your Email List with An Online Quiz

How to Easily Grow Your Email List with Online Quizzes

These days you hear a lot about how social media, messenger marketing, and influencers can help a brand reach its consumers. And while they are effective, don’t let these new tactics distract you from one of the most effective messaging channels—email.

If you thought email was dead, think again.

Did you know that people spend more than 2.5 hours per weekday checking emails at work?

In fact, email generates $44 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 4400% ROI!

As email marketing strategist, Vanessa Cabrera, mentioned in Episode 57: 5 Killer List-Building Tactics, “Email is not sexy like social media where you can send a direct message BUT you don’t want to put all of your marketing efforts in one basket. What happens if that platform goes away?

Email is by far the preferred way customers want to receive updates from brands. And when you connect with audiences in a way that is personal, purposeful, and perfectly targeted, you can side-step algorithms and have a direct line to YOUR audience.

Now you might be asking yourself, what is the best way to grow an email list?

Well you could spend hours creating cheat sheets, swipe-files, and content upgrades OR… you can create an online quiz that requires less time, provides more value, and gives you better insight into what your audience’s needs are.

Quizzes are effective because we are naturally curious. All of us have an insatiable need to get a deeper understanding of who we are and why. Just think of how many personality quizzes you’ve done!

As a speaker, I love teaching audiences about communication styles and that’s why I created a fun interactive quiz that dives deeper into the subject. Since launching the quiz, I’ve seen my subscriber count increase day after day and you can try it too!


The first step in creating an online quiz is to begin with the end in mind.

When creating my quiz, my goal was to help others understand four communication styles - Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Auditory Digital.

I wanted quiz takers to understand how they communicated and see the differences in styles so that they can notice them in others.

Ultimately, I wanted to help people communicate in a way that makes it easier for their message to be received.

As you start thinking about your online quiz, ask yourself:

  • What problem am I trying to solve?

  • What goal do I want to accomplish with this quiz?


One of the reasons why I love using Interact Quiz Builder, is that you can design three types of quizzes to attract your audience.

Interact Quiz Type.jpg

Personality Quiz

Everyone enjoys learning tidbits about themselves as well as others. That’s probably one of the reasons why quizzes are so popular on Facebook and Buzz Feed.

You can easily create a quiz like:

  • What Type of Live Streamer Are You?

  • Which Live Streaming Platform is Right For You?

Obviously, I chose this quiz when launching, What’s Your Communication Style?

Scored Quiz

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of trivia?

A scored quiz is based on a total score that a quiz taker gets as they go through a quiz. Every answer choice to every question has a point value associated with it, and the outcome of the quiz is based on the total point value that a quiz taker gets.

You can quiz your audience on topics like:

  • What’s Your Marketing IQ?

  • Are You Social Media Marketing Savvy?

Assessment Quiz

This type of quiz is commonly referred to as multiple choice where one answer is correct. The results of the quiz will be based on how many points the user gets on the quiz.

The great thing about Interact Quiz Builder is that you can show people if they got each answer right and include an answer key in the quiz results.

Need a few ideas for an Assessment Quiz? Try one of these ideas:

  • Do You Know The Legal Ins Ans Outs Of Live Streaming?

  • Are You Ready to Launch A Live Show?

Now that you know the difference between each quiz type, you can choose to build a quiz from scratch or choose from over 200+ quiz templates!


Once you’ve selected what type of quiz you want, it’s time to create a scroll-stopping quiz. Interact Quiz Builder makes it easy for you to include high-res images to your quiz.

I chose to upload images that I already had on file so I can stay on brand. If you don’t have any images, it’s easy to type in a keyword in the user interface and search for images in the image library.

Rest assured, any image that you select within the image library is royalty-free as well as Creative Commons CC0.

Don’t like the images on Pixabay? You can use other websites like or to find royalty-free images.

Interact Quiz Maker Pixabay.png

Step 4: Setting Up Your Questions and Answers

The next step in creating your online quiz is to start adding your questions and answers. Hopefully by now you already have the context of your quiz mapped out so you can easily copy and paste what you want in the quiz builder.

If you need to re-order your questions or answers, you can easily drag and drop them in the order you want.

And just as you did in Step 3, you can add images and mix up the answers so it’s fun for the quiz taker.

Try Interact Quiz Results.png

Step 5: Sharing the results

After the quiz taker has answered all of the questions, you have several options on how you can share the results:

  • Instantly show results - easy peasy

  • Show Top Results - Give people a break-down of their top results for your quiz rather than just showing one.

  • Show Results after Email Opt in - This is where the magic really happens! Your quiz taker has already invested so much time in answering the quiz and wants to see the results. When you enable the Quiz Lead Capture form, you can collect important information such as the quiz taker’s name and email address.

Obviously, the point of this post is how to grow your email list so I’m all for the Quiz Lead Capture form but remember to give people a reason to opt-in.

This can be personalized advice, a discount, or any free gift to make the idea of opting in more appealing.

Interact Quiz Lead Capture.png

Step 6: ADDING LEADS TO YOUR EMAIL Marketing Platform

Next you’ll want to integrate your email marketing platform with Interact Quiz Builder.

The platform already has integrations with Aweber, ConstantContact, DotDigital, GetResponse, Klaviyo, Mad Mimi, Mailchimp, MailerLite, SendGrid, and Zapier.

Unfortunately, I use ConvertKit for my email marketing so I had a few more steps to do once I connected my account.

Interact Quiz Convertkit.png

To map the results to the user in ConvertKit, I had to create a few forms and tags.

Since my quiz had four different results, I first had to create four forms, four tags, and then set up an automation so that once a quiz taker finished, it would trigger the automation. Whew! But we’re not done yet…


Then I had to go back into Interact and map the results to the form I created.

Interact Quiz Mapping Results.png

I would say that this took me the longest to do just because ConvertKit makes it really tedious.

Step 7: Promoting Your Quiz

Now that you’ve done all the leg work, it’s time to hit Publish and start promoting your quiz!

Interact Quiz Promote.png

As a speaker, I like to promote a Direct Link to the quiz at the end of my presentation while I still have the audience’s attention. To make the link memorable, you can use a URL shortner like

Other ways that I have promoted my quiz are adding an Announcement Bar to the top of my website and adding a Direct Link in my email signature.

If you’d like to take my What’s Your Communication Style? quiz now to get more ideas and see how I set mine up, you can give it a try below:

And that’s everything you need to know about how to EASILY grow your email list with AN ONLINE quiz!

If you need more info on how to get started, post your questions below or check out this tutorial by the Interact team.

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