Episode 53: Video Marketing Pros, Pitfalls, and Best Practices

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Look around and you’ll find that video content is being consumed like never before.

As an entrepreneur, video marketing is a powerful tool for getting more visibility more quickly, so you can get your message out, attract your ideal clients, make more money and have more impact.

Whether you’re doing video currently and want to take it up a notch, or are completely new to video marketing, you’ll want to watch this episode of Lights, Camera, Live with visual marketing consultant Jeff Sieh.

▸ Insider Tips on Creating Video Marketing Strategy
▸ Must-Have Video Gear
▸ Do’s and Don’ts for Video Production


Jeff is owner and creative director at His Design, Inc. where he has worked to help clients market themselves in the best way possible using a variety of mediums for over 14 years. He is also “Head Beard” at Manly Pinterest Tips where he is the creator and host of The Manly Pinterest Tip Show. With top tips, comedy, storytelling, and just plain fun, Jeff teaches Pinterest techniques unlike any other. Jeff is also on the social team at Social Media Examiner and manages their Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Visit www.manlypinteresttips.com where Jeff explores visual marketing with character as big as his beard.

Below are key takeaways from Jeff’s spotlight on Lights, Camera, Live.

People will forgive bad video, they won’t forgive bad audio.
— Jeff Sieh

What tips do you have on how to tell a story with video?

“Look at the good YouTubers and see how they’re telling a story,” explained Jeff. “There's a start a middle and an end to each one of their their stories and there’s usually a line going through that.”

Jeff recommended following great YouTubers like Owen Video, Steve Dotto, and Tim Schmoyer. These talented storytellers keep their audience engaged by taking viewers on a journey.

What is the must-have video equipment that entrepreneurs need to get started?

Video production usually requires a generous marketing budget but these days you can get started with just your smartphone.

If you have a small budget, Jeff recommends investing in audio.

“Audio is the number one thing you want to have,” Jeff explained. “People will forgive bad video, they won't forgive bad audio. Make sure you have a nice lapel mic or a nice plug-in mic for your phone.”

If you’re recording videos on your desktop, Jeff recommends the blue yeti mic which is the same one that I use for Lights, Camera, Live. “It’s one of the most versatile mics,” he shared. We talked about how easy it is to use and if you’re like us, if you want to do interviews on the go, it’s easy to pack up and toss in your bag (I do this all the time).

We also chatted about bluetooth wireless ear pods and how they can work wonders as IF they’re fully charged!

These days Jeff uses monitor earbuds that go behind your ears so they can’t be seen on camera and plug into your computer. For less than $15 bucks on Amazon, Jeff calls them a steal.

Which webcams do you recommend?

“When I first started I just used the the one that was built into my Mac,” Jeff explained. “I used the regular camera then I upgraded to a Logitech C920 which was a workhorse for years.”

Just recently he upgraded to a Logitech Brio that shoots in 4K and can be seen on the show.

"The Brio is a little bit over $100 but you could get by with the Logitech c920 which is a great HD cam and it's I think 60 bucks so you don't have to spend a fortune to get started.”

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get started.
— Jeff Sieh

How can our viewers save on video gear?

“Amazon has a great refurbished section - a lot of lenses you can get,” shared Jeff. “There's nothing wrong with buying refurbished lenses because glass usually lasts a long time.”

Any tips for viewers what want to record in bulk?

If you want to read from a script, Jeff recommended the Little Prompter which easily fits over most DSLRs, webcams, and built-in laptop cameras.

All you have to do is load up your script on your smartphone with an app like PromptSmart Pro and you can easily start recording.

What other tips do you have on how to produce better videos?

If you’re recording videos on your desktop or live streaming, it’s tempting to look down at your reflection or look directly at your guest instead of the camera. Unfortunately, that breaks eye contact with your viewers.

“Really train yourself to look at the camera,” Jeff suggested. “I had a sticky note with arrows that I would put under my camera.”

I want my music to swell at the right place and to end at the right place.
— Jeff Sieh

Any words of advice when it comes to editing videos?

“I usually pick my music first,” he shared. “I like to edit to music so it's not an afterthought. I want to have a beginning and an end and I want my music to swell at the right place and to end at the right place.”

Want more tips on how to rock your videos?

Check out Jeff Sieh at https://manlypinteresttips.com.

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