Episode 44: GDPR: What is it and how does it affect my small business?

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Listen, the deadline for GDPR compliance is coming up fast. 

Are you ready? Or have you been hoping to avoid the whole thing as much as "Yanny or Laurel?" (it's obviously Laurel).

Well, sadly, #GDPR isn't going away, and there are steps you absolutely have to take to be compliant and avoid potentially devastating fines and unhappy customers.

The good news is, we've got you covered! 

This time Mike Allton from The Social Media Hat and I are wading into the deep waters and sharing everything we know about GDPR and what it means to you, particularly for marketers and online businesses.


  • How Email Marketing and Subscriber Management is Changing 
  • How to Collect Emails And Still Be Compliant
  • Tips to Re-Engage Existing EU Subscribers 
  • What Needs to Change On Your Website
  • What Businesses With Employees Should Be Thinking About
  • And more!





Stephanie Liu is one of the most sought-after speakers on Facebook Live video, known for her dynamic stage presence and cutting-edge Facebook engagement tactics. As an ad agency veteran, Stephanie has helped Fortune 500 companies and small businesses skip the guesswork on how to build their brand online with social media. She has spoken at Interactive Day San Diego, Social Media Day San Diego, Social Video Con and coaches small business owners on how to leverage live video in their own business.



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