Listen, one of the most important social media engagement metrics is time.

And with Facebook’s 1.7 billion users spending more time watching live video, imagine how much exposure you can tap into with live streaming. 

Captivate, Convince & Convert is the only interactive online course that shows you how to turn your ideas, your skills, your knowledge and experience into a Facebook Live show.

You'll discover how live streaming can transform your business from unknown to unforgettable.

Finally, everything you've ever wanted to learn about live streaming is within reach. In six comprehensive modules, you'll have everything you need to launch a Facebook Live show that stands out from the rest.

Because let's face it, a badass entrepreneur like you deserves to stand out

Download the Badass Broadcaster Checklist

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Get your hands on my Facebook Live streaming promotional plan and get on the waitlist for Captivate, Convince & Convert. 



▸ Live stream from your mobile phone and desktop
▸ Easily invite guests to your live broadcast with a click of a button
▸ Create a professional looking live stream complete with your branding
▸ Build your email list with show notes and lead magnets
▸ Get more clicks, shares and comments by highlighting the best moments in your replay
▸ Instantly have an audience and get greater mileage out of every video you produce
▸ Generate captions to your videos to pull in viewers scrolling through their news feed
▸ Be seen on multiple social media channels so you are seen as an authority
▸ Map out a sales funnel that converts viewers into paying customers

▸ Master the art of confidence on camera
▸ Deliver a spell-binding presentation by understanding your audience’s learning style
▸ Hook your audience with a swipe file full of attention grabbing tricks
▸ Put out content that your audience craves with the easy 10x10 content creation formula
▸ Launch a Facebook live show with 20 out-of-the-box ideas for a show
▸ Plan and structure a live show that makes viewers want to visit your website, follow you on social media and join your email list
▸ Turn viewers into buyers with four sales closing techniques
▸ Deliver an eye-catching live stream on any budget with minimal software and equipment

Includes group coaching calls, printable exercises,  worksheets and exclusive access to a private Facebook support group.  

Course set to launch mid-July 2017.



BEV ROBERTS Wellbeing Coach and Change Specialist 

“I am so thrilled I took your beta and you have delivered above and beyond my did a brilliant job of getting the mindset, strategy and technology understood, planned and executed with so much support and willingness to go the extra mile.”

Samantha Salmon, founder of raw food meal planner

“I learned how to do live streaming in a professionally branded way. I also really appreciate the support I got from Stephanie and the group overcoming my fears with a scheduled live show. They made that huge step I had to take just so much easier for me to manage.”



Patti Villalobos, Alignment Coach

“My biggest takeaway was the potential for Facebook live as a marketing platform way beyond what I was thinking about!”

Victor Nunez, Jr., Marketing & Sales Professional

“The foundation of your course sets you up for success.  The first few modules to help you brainstorm and get everything ready for your show.”