Patti Villalobos, Alignment Coach http://www.pattivillalobos.com

“My biggest takeaway was the potential for Facebook live as a marketing platform way beyond what I was thinking about!”



Bev Roberts, Wellbeing Coach and Change Specialist https://www.livingfabulously.com

“I am so thrilled I took your beta and you have delivered above and beyond my expectations...you did a brilliant job of getting the mindset, strategy and technology understood, planned and executed with so much support and willingness to go the extra mile.”


Samantha Salmon, OWner of Earth's healing cafe http://rawfoodmealplanner.com 

“I learned how to do live streaming in a professionally branded way. I also really appreciate the support I got from Stephanie and the group overcoming my fears with a scheduled live show. They made that huge step I had to take just so much easier for me to manage.”


Victor Nunez, Jr., Marketing & Sales Professional https://www.linkedin.com/in/victornunezjr

“The foundation of your course sets you up for success.  The first few modules to help you brainstorm and get everything ready for your show.”