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Did you know that Facebook Live videos capture viewers’ attention 3x longer than regular videos? One of the most important social media engagement metrics is time. And with Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users spending more time watching live video, just imagine how much exposure you can tap into with your very own Facebook Live Show.

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STUDENT TESTIMONIAL: stephanie holland

If you’re worried about how to live stream or are nervous about the tech, I want you to listen to Stephanie’s story. She is a business coach and the world is her office! She travels the world doing what she loves and thought she needed a ton of gear to start live streaming. What she accomplished after completing Lights, Camera, Live is amazing. You’ll have to watch to find out.


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“Stephanie Lui is magic. Through her course, Lights, Camera, Live, she gave me the tools and knowledge to help me go from being the person behind the camera, to being the person in front of it. Since starting my Facebook Live show, Cannabis Marketing Live, All Puff, No Fluff, I have been invited on more podcasts and had more public speaking opportunities than ever before. Not to mention the new clients, and the recognition when I introduce myself to new people at events. But best of all, I get to interview cannabis and marketing experts, tell stories with them and find important takeaways for viewers. And Stephanie Lui gave me the tools to do it!”

Kendra Losee, CEO of Fueled Marketing

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"My biggest accomplishment was actually taking one of the ideas I had for a show and making it come to life. I launched my show the last week of class, and honestly, if I didn't take the class, I might still be stuck in my limited beliefs or thinking whether I had time to do a show or not. I really appreciate how you showed us ways to come up with ideas for our shows, how to close sales, promoting our show and answered all our crazy questions. You really do show us how to have a successful show with any budget! I took so many notes, you have no idea!"

Angela Quisumbing, Founder of Angela Grace Events


"The way I speak on my live shows has changed tremendously because I am mindful of the sensory component of my message. This course was life changing, I know with practice over a few weeks I will reap on the investment of my time and dedication to the program. "

Crisha BowenOwner and Founder at CSB Career Lifestyle

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"Before I took Stephanie’s course, I didn’t know how to create a Facebook Live Show and I felt nervous about putting myself in the spotlight and being more visible.

After taking Stephanie’s course, I’m excited about my first live show – The Brand Storytellers Show. It’s a show for digital marketers and entrepreneurs who want to fast track their journey from invisible and unknown to marketing rock star, with an audience who loves their brand story and buys their digital products. I believe my show would not have been possible without Stephanie’s course and I am so happy and grateful for her wisdom and brilliant teaching."

Maureen PriceSales Copywriter & Brand Storyteller


“You have delivered above and beyond my expectations...you did a brilliant job of getting the mindset, strategy and technology understood, planned and executed with so much support and willingness to go the extra mile.”

Bev RovertsWellbeing Coach at Living Fabulously