While it’s true that most Facebook Pages are only able to reach a small fraction of their fans - sometimes as little as 1% with a post… there is a way to beat the curve.

Businesses that have learned to leverage Live Video and have incorporated it into their marketing strategy and Facebook activity are seeing tremendous amounts of reach and engagement.

Which means those businesses are able be present in the feeds of more and more potential customers. Not only does that increase brand awareness and make other marketing tactics like Facebook Ads more effective, those businesses can actually target video viewers specifically with ads that are highly relevant and therefore exponentially more effective.

That makes Live Video the secret sauce to Facebook success. But how, exactly, do you go live?

I’ll tell you.

This handy resource guide, 3 Easy Ways To Start Broadcast Live on Facebook, walks you through how to broadcast live video to Facebook using:

  • Your mobile device
  • Your desktop
  • Via third party tool

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