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Like most social networks, Facebook is a challenge for many businesses. So much time can be spent coming up with ideas on what to post, worrying about stagnant fan counts, and dumping dollar after dollar into ad campaigns that have questionable results.

Does that sound familiar?

Are you ready to stop spinning that hamster wheel?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

A lot of the things people tell you to worry about on Facebook, you don’t need to worry about. Instead of chasing Likes, there’s a much more valuable goal that you should have foremost in your mind whenever you’re considering posting to Facebook:


Not just Likes (the least impactful bit of engagement), but comments & shares, views & click-throughs. Here’s why.

When someone engages with one of your posts by taking the time to comment and participate in conversation, guess what? They’re engaged!

The verb engaged means To Be Involved [with something], which means we’ve captured their attention and interest and have created an opportunity for that individual to interact in a truly meaningful way with our brand.

This act of engagement is actually a psychological trigger that will encourage that individual to take further action. Clicking a button is a passive activity that might provide a feeling of contentment which instills less internal incentive to do anything else. (Which is why we people on Instagram Swipe - Double Tap - Swipe - Double Tap, forever and ever. They’re barely engaged enough to stop scrolling!)

An engaged individual is considering what you’ve posted or are saying in a video, and is making themselves open to possibilities. They’re more likely now to want to learn more from and about you. Perhaps become a subscriber, or even become a customer.

And their very act of engagement creates tremendous visibility for your post, especially if you’re dong live video.

So, the question then becomes, how do we encourage such engagement? How do we go from having a small handful of people seeing our posts, to dozens and hundreds who are engaging with our brand and actively helping us to make Facebook a valuable investment?

Let me show you.

I’ve put together a quick reference guide which walks you through 15 TIPS & TRICKS to INCREASE FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT.

The guide includes:

  1. Tips for pre-show promotion

  2. What to do during your show to make sharing irresistible

  3. How to keep driving engagement long after the broadcast has ended

And it’s designed for you to save and refer to over and over again so that you can keep revisiting these ideas and considering new ways to incorporate them into your Facebook marketing.

You’ll receive my Guide to Facebook Engagement, as well as an exclusive invitation to my Facebook Group. I will also let you know when I have a articles on the site or upcoming Facebook Live videos to help you with your marketing. Get the guide and start driving up your Facebook post engagement and reach, today!